Graphic of a map pin in teal color.
Towering flames leap over trees in this night image of the inferno.
Street view iof flooded cars in Houston during Hurricane Harvey
Downed power lines and trees block a road in Puerto Rico after brutal hurricane.
Aerial view of flooded homes during Hurricane Harvey
NOAA timelapse animation of Hurricane Harvey as it nears Texas coast.

Know your location

Capture your precise latitude and longitude using your smartphone’s GPS – or a dedicated app.

Keep locations handy

Store your locations where you can find them quickly: 

like in your address book, or notepad. 

In an emergencyCall 9-1-1 first 

Post your location to social media to alert friends.

Always follow evacuation orders.

Give your precise location

Share your street address and GPS coordinates.

Landmarks and street signs may be missing,

your exact latitude and longitude will help responders.

When you’re mobile

Precise location is even more critical when traveling.

Learn how to share your location using your smartphone.

In an accident, or emergency – it could save your life.


– Use your smartphone’s SOS feature

– Text message your location when voice calls fail

– Conserve power, use your phone sparingly

– Let others know when you’re finally safe

Download FEMA Emergency checklist

NWS Severe Weather Safety website

Download US Home Safety Checklist

Download Red Cross Hurricane Safety checklist

Emergency Preparedness website