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GEO: marks the spot – any spot – anywhere

GeoGO uses geotags with precise latitude and longitude to specify specific destinations: schools, hospitals and medical clinics, libraries, recreational facilities, government offices, transit stops, parks, grocery stores and shopping areas. 

Geotags can even pin-point preferred, accessible entrances – or obstacles.

The technology to capture and distribute precise geotags already exists. What's lacking is the leadership and mandate for mappers to provide more precise destination targets and routing – for millions of smartphone users.

Our mission is to put precise-first navigation on every map in the world.

Open Street Map representation of downtown San Antonio, with geotag and location pin for the Institure of Texan Cultures

The solution is right above our heads

The global network of GPS satellites can pin-point any location on earth.

Smartphone apps make it possible to geotag a location precisely – accurate within a meter, then share that data with others, providing navigation to that precise spot.

What’s been missing is universal use of precise location in mapping, and implementation in smartphone apps, maps, and navigation.

Galileo satellite hovers above the Earth providing navigation as part of a global network.

Precise location can save your life

When seconds count in an emergency – precise location is vital.

Typical street addresses indicate a general area – not a precise spot. That can be frustrating when you try to find an entrance, apartment, or destination, only to discover that you may be hundreds of feet from your destination.

In an emergency – precise location saves confusion, and time.

Map showing map pof the San Antonio Riverwalk area, with a geotag superimposed.

Geo addresses are simple and precise



As geo addresses become more widely accepted – they’ll become your shortcut to precise locations for businesses, schools, hospitals, medical clinics, government offices, even parks and recreation areas. And they’ll work in browsers, maps, address books and contacts – you’ll even find them in advertising.

Graphic showing imprecise address, compared with an exact spot

Latitude and longitude define destinations precisely

street addresses don’t come close for accuracy

Let’s define and navigate map locations precisely

Promote a precise-first standard for mapping

mappers should implement precise-first targeting for destinations

user searches provide the most accurate result first – with precise navigation

Collect and curate data

using precise GPS-aware applications on any smartphone or device

geotags enriched with common names, hours of operation, and other details

Data deployed by OSM

mappers worldwide use data from OpenStreetMap to update and enhance maps

data can be updated and available in minutes

New precise locations available to all users

user maps are refreshed automatically with location-precise data and navigation

Smartphone navigation 

uses precise latitude and longitude 

to guide you directly to the desired entrance

GPS: ’You have arrived’

2901 Capitol of Texas Hwy South

Austin, Texas USA 78746

Apple Maps in iOS getting ready to define best GeoGO route
Apple Maps iOS showing two different precise routes

The first step to opening doors – is finding them

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Given the compelling need for safe and efficient access to all public buildings, institutions, and services:

That governments and public agencies at all levels adopt a policy of providing precise geolocation for all public entrances and access points.

Further, we urge mappers and map services to adopt and support 'precise first' technology for location and navigation on computers, smartphones, and other devices – enabling millions of Americans of all abilities to reach destinations, with greater accuracy, speed and safety.

GeoGO Project logo
Michael Sidoric signatore

The GeoGO Project can help create a safer, more accessible world.

We welcome your help.

Michael Sidoric / GeoGO Project Coordinator

San Antonio, Texas  USA    geo:29.425806,-98.486267

The GeoGO Project is a non-profit initiative to foster the use of precise-first geolocation 

to enhance accessibility, safety and efficiency for map users worldwide.

Best apps for 

geotagging + navigation

myLocation iOS application logo

myLocation   [FREE]

Fastest and most accurate way to share a location – share easily by email, text, or SMS, with custom vCard and reference photo of location.

My GPS Coordinates Pro  iOS application logo

My GPS Coordinates Pro   [$5.99]

Add and edit precise locations on a map. Paid version can save and send multiple locations. Import .kml and .kmz files, or attach to email.

Where Am I  iOS application logo

Where Am I   [FREE]

Where Am I is your new navigational assistant that instantly details your address, coordinates and helps you discover interesting locations around you.

Pushpin OSM  iOS application logo

Pushpin OSM   [FREE]

Pushpin is an app for editing and contributing data in OpenStreetMap, the free world map. Use your OSM account to add POI's and make edits with Pushpin.

Go Map!!  iOS application logo

Go Map!!   [FREE]

Create and edit information in OpenStreetMap, the free crowd-sourced map. Quickly add points of interest. Edit nodes, ways and areas – precisely.

Apple Maps  iOS application logo

Apple Maps   [FREE]

Find the places you want to go and get there faster. Ask Siri for directions: and get quick, precise navigation for walking, driving or public transit.

Via Opta Nav   [FREE]

Allows a blind/low vision person to move independently toward a desired destination, with useful verbal cues along the way to guide them.

Blind Square  iOS application logo

Blind Square   [$39.99]

Uses GPS and the compass to locate you, gather information about your surroundings, then present the most relevant information in synthesized voice.

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GeoGO Project

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